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The Portuguese marble blocks market is mostly focussed on the supply for companies in the internal market that buy more affordable selections. But it is also focussed on the supply of blocks of higher selection for the export market, which has been growing considerably in the past few years. It is now perhaps the most relevant market.

Historically used on several building and construction in Portugal, Portuguese marble has become more popular mostly through the Estremoz White marble, which opened doors worldwide for Portuguese marble in general, and when it comes to blocks, to China mostly, but also India and Italy.

While commercial selection blocks have been supplied mostly to the local market, higher selection blocks have been exported, this has been the trend, which has been changing with the arrival of new quarries and commercial practices.


Although the Portuguese block market is not as developed as the Italian or Turkish marble block markets, it has become pretty strong and mature, accounting today for a good chunk of the overall Portuguese marble market.

In addition to China, which is a reference market for the import of rough marble blocks, India comes close as a strong market specially for blocks. We see a trend for white and pink marble, which are highly appreciated in India.

Other markets for blocks are Italy, particularly for the Estremoz and Rosa Portugal marble, but also Turkey, Russia and even North America.

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