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About Us

Portugalmarble is a reference online portal exclusively dedicated to the promotion, marketing and sale of Portuguese marble.

About us

Portugalmarble is a reference online portal exclusively dedicated to the promotion, marketing and sales of Portuguese marble. It is part of a larger network ofwebsites that provide high quality information about the most important marble from Portugal.

Portugalmarble is the largest online source of information about Portuguese marble, bringing together in one place reliable and updated information about the most relevant marble that are today extracted in Portugal. It is the place where both individuals and companies can find reliable information about Portuguese marble.

Portugalmarble works continuously to provide up-to-date information about the best Portuguese marble that are extracted and produced in Portugal, with reliable supply.

This work is done in constant coordination with quarries, factories and other relevant parties involved in the manufacturing and export process.


Stock and Supply

At Portugalmarble, you can find a wide range of stock available of some of the finest Portuguese marble available. We offer stock of blocks, slabs and tiles, from the wide color pallette available in Portugal. The stock is well-selected and ready to export to any market.

In addition to the online stock, Portugalmarble is also a starting point for people and companies looking for marble for its project. With extensive experience in the market, the Portugalmarble team can assist you with the supply of all sorts of Portuguese marble for your project, either if is an interior project such as flooring, bath design, kitchen or other, or if is an exterior project such as cladding or landscaping. Portugalmarble is your source for information and support for Portuguese marble!

Portugalmarble is an online portal that promotes the best Portuguese marble directly from the quarry. Portugalmarble is the starting point for information and supply of a vast range of marble from Portugal for clients worldwide.

If you are looking for a reliable marble supply, do not hesitate to contact us.

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