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Bath design


The Portuguese marble bath design market is fairly recent, at least in terms of production in Portugal. What was generally produced and supplied by Italian companies is now also produced by a growing number of Portuguese companies that have been specializing on this type of work.

Bath design using Portuguese marble is a growing industry and is now becoming a relevant type of finished product, which is produced in Portugal. With investment in new technology, which together with the work of architects and designers, this small industry has grown and is now a relevant finish product in marble. It is common to see an entire bath design project being design and produced directly at the source.


This is one of the new trends in terms of Portuguese marble bath design, where projects are designed and produced directly at the source, where the marble is extracted. It is then supplied ready to install. Here, we see trends such as book-match or modern design bath items taking place and becoming more common.

The main markets for this kind of products are Northern Europe and UK, Middle East, USA and Canada, as well as some Asian countries. The is also a growing demand in Portugal for this type of finish product, where a good balance between price and selection is required.

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Bath design

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