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Marble podcast: Ruivina marble

In our first podcast about Portuguese marble, we will introduce you to the Ruivina marble, a grey colored marble from Portugal, with big demand in the market. This is a reference grey marble, used on numerous applications.


Check below the transcript of this podcast.

In this episode, we will be talking about a natural stone that is considered the most relevant grey colored marble in Portugal: the Ruivina marble.

The Ruivina is the reference grey colored marble in Portugal, being extracted and manufactured for decades. In a country where most known marble are either white or pink colored, a grey marble would always stand out as something different and unique. And in fact, this could not be more accurate. The Ruivina is indeed a special type of marble, showing some unique features.

This is a dark grey colored marble, presenting a clouded structure and some regular signs of white color. Its overall structure and look are fairly irregular, showing a dominant dark grey color, with some some unpredictable color tone variation in the shape of clouds.

Its main variations would depend mostly on color tone. While the mainstream Ruivina has a dark grey color structure and look, also know as Ruivina Dark, there are other selections presenting a lighter grey color tone, such as the Ruivina Light, which shows the same pattern and structure as the Ruivina Dark, but with a much lighter grey color tone. Here, we see a dominant light grey colored background trending towards white, with some occasional areas with darker grey color. Finally, there are some selections showing a blend of both color tones, also called as Ruivina Mix.

The Ruivina is a type of marble that is mostly supplied with a strong polished surface, as most colored marble in general. It shows a strong shiny surface which mostly highlights the color and beautiful look of the stone. In addition, other common surface finishes are honed, brushed or bush-hammered. And there is today a very interesting surface finish used on the Ruivina that we would like to present, which is the light sandblasted, showing a delicate roughness and a great light grey color. It is highly recommended!

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