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Marble profile: the Estremoz White

The Estremoz is a white colored marble with a prominent position in Portugal. The Estremoz marble presents a fairly uniform background with a medium grain structure, considerable hardness and a slight brownish veins. It may also present some occasional light pink / brown colored areas. This is the most important marble in Portugal, with a strong position in the market.

Name: Estremoz White
Type: Marble
Color: White
Extraction area: Estremoz, Portugal
Applications: Flooring; Wall coverings; Decoration; Wall cladding

The Estremoz marble presents today several variation, due to the advanced extraction stage of its quarries, which present more and more darker veins and elements.

It is now common to find the Estremoz marble on diverse international projects in applications such as flooring, wall coverings, cladding and much more. In addition, it is also common to find applications on interior decoration, stonework and sculpture projects.



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