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Top 5 Portuguese marble

Portugal has a fairly interesting selection of marble, which are supplied all over the world and have today considerable demand. They have different colors and some of them are quite unique, particularly in terms of color and pattern.

In addition to white marble, which has been the main source of export in Portugal for decades, Portugal presents some interesting options in terms of pink marble, grey marble and even green marble.

In this article, we take a look at some of these wonderful Portuguese marble, with our Top 5 Portuguese marble!

Estremoz White

The Estremoz is a white colored marble with a prominent position in Portugal. The Estremoz marble presents a quite uniform background with a medium grain structure, considerable hardness and a slight brownish veins. It may also present some occasional light pink / brown colored areas. This is the most important marble in Portugal, with a strong position in the market.


Rosa Portugal

The Rosa Portugal is a pink colored marble, with a rose pink type of color tone, medium grain structure and fairly uniform background. It may present some pink color tone variation, as well as darker colored vein. This is the main reference pink marble from Portugal and one of the few in the world.



The Ruivina is a dark colored grey marble, presenting a clouded structure and some signs of white color. There are several variations of this marble, showing lighter colored grey as well as blend with white. This is the most important Portuguese grey marble, with a solid market in Southern Europe, and with a growing demand in other markets.



If there is a premium marble in Portugal, then the Vigaria White would be on top of the list. This is a fantastic, although exclusive white to creamy colored marble, showing delicate and very refined look. This is a type of marble that has been extracted for decades, but just recently has achieved this exclusive celebrity status, mostly due to the fact that has been used on very exclusive projects in North America or Europe.


Verde Viana

The Verde Viana is a green colored marble, which is extracted around the area of Estremoz – Portugal. This is essentially a white marble that presents a predominant green colored outlook and veins, which can vary from light green veins to darker green areas. In addition, it presents some golden colored areas, which all in all, give a wonderful composition to this marble.



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